How To Upgrade Your Package At Client Area

1.Visit .

2.Enter your email address and password to login. 

3.Click on Services > My Services tab.

4.Click on Active button as shown. 

5.On your left, you will see an Actions panel. Click on Upgrade/Downgrade. 

6. Select your upgrade options by highlighting the appropriate hosting plan. In this example below, I'm upgrading Basic to Value hosting annual plan.Please select your preferred Payment Options from the drop-down box (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually etc.) and click on "Choose Product" to upgrade.

7.The system will calculate the upgrade fee amount automatically for you. The next step is to select your preferred payment method
e.g Bank Transfer/Cheque/Paypal/MOLpay/Ipay88 and hit the "Click to Continue" button to finalize the upgrade process.

8.Your upgrade is successful when you see the Order Confirmation.
Please click the link "Click here to go to your Client Area" in order to check the latest invoice and make the payment.